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Our purpose  is to try and bridge the gap between Science & Spirituality.  

And We do it by exploring organic herbs with “Scientific” backing that correlates with ancient alchemy and spiritual wisdom.

This allows us to offer carefully procured, handpicked, all organic, herbal products that are bound to help you heal from with in.

“Biohacking is the art and science of changing the environment around you and inside you, so you have more control over your own biology”

We at Shamanic Biohacker are committed to helping you Biohack your health back to life! 

Biohack Your Health Back To Life!


Quiet & Focus Your Mind!


Cleanse & Nourish Your Body!


Renew & Awaken Your Spirit!



Herbs & Spiritual Awakening

Herbs can prevent illness and assist in healing energy imbalances that can impede spiritual growth.Traditional Asian doctors accept the fundamental connection of body, mind, and spirit. They express that notion of wholeness every time they recommend an herbal combination that improves all three at once. Herbs act as catalysts to enhance vitality and longevity by helping to prevent illness, fatigue, mental apathy, and even spiritual alienation. Asian herbal remedies have also been traditionally used to promote mental calm and clarity. Because self-observation is necessary for choosing herbs, self-awareness can increase.

Healing Power Of Herbs

Two important ingredients in spiritual awakening are love and generosity. For them we need vitality, courage, and self-awareness. A person with chronic physical problems will often have corresponding mental and emotional problems that make spiritual work difficult. Which comes first, a physical or emotional problem, does not really matter; they can both be improved by using herbs.

Biohack Your Health With All Organic Herbal Adaptogens & Nootropics

Defining the terms "nootropic" and "adaptogen" is no simple task. It requires the consideration of centuries of traditional practices and customs on the one hand, and the latest developments in science and technology on the other hand. What is certain, however, is that both nootropics and adaptogens affect human physiology in a way that not only helps improve various aspects of health but can enhance the body and mind beyond their standard state as well. As such, nootropics and adaptogens should be viewed in a positive light. Nootropics and adaptogens are designed to support core processes in the body by supplying natural ingredients. But how do they differ? When should you take them? And which one wins in the battle of nootropics vs. adaptogens?Nootropics aim to enhance brain health and performance, whereas adaptogens focus on reducing mental and physical stress. SHAMANIC BIOHACKER has handpicked all organic Adaptogenic & Nootropic herbs that have been researched scientifically to help you achieve your Health, Wellness & Spiritual goals.

SHAMANIC BIOHACKER: Science Meets Spirituality!

Join the #Nootropics Movement & Biohack your health back to life!


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